M:HUB - background:


M:Hub is a project which has reopened the old Methodist Church in Milnthorpe, in south Cumbria. We have refurbished the building so that not only can it meet the needs of the church, especially for new ways of being part of the church in the area but also to provide a facility which can be hired by groups both Christian and secular for their own use. Things like fitness groups, the local youth key worker project and refreshments on Friday mornings are pretty much certain. Other groups are using it now, both new groups and those which have relocated. Contact us to enquire if you would like to use M:HUB or if you know of people who might.

This building used to be run by Milnthorpe Methodist Church, but closed in October 2014. The church is now the responsibility of the Kendal Methodist Circuit – which supports eight Methodist churches in and around Kendal, and also looks after the housing and employment of three Methodist ministers.

When the Methodist Church closed its building in Milnthorpe the congregation temporarily used the community room in the primary school but are now back home in the M:HUB building. The Circuit had the option to sell the building, but has decided to refurbish it instead.We’ve been busy exploring ideas for how the building might be used in the future. We’ve decided that the best use would be for it to be developed as some kind of community facility. This facility is called M:HUB –– short for Milnthorpe Hub. We hope that it will be a place that enables people to connect with each other, and that it will help our community in Milnthorpe to develop and grow.

Why are we doing all this?

Part of the church’s mission is to serve the community, and having a building that is open and accessible to the community is our way of serving you.
As well as offering this community facility, we will also be developing at least two new kinds of church – but not in the traditional way – they will be called ‘fresh expressions’. For these to work then we want the building to have a modern, warm and welcoming community feel – rather than an old-fashioned church.

The group of people responsible for developing the M:HUB project were: Anne-Marie Whitfield, Jenny Skinner, David Stretton, Alan Gardner, and Simon & Sarah Vaughan – along with lots of volunteers from the community and from local churches. Spouses have joined in and currently The Strettons, The Vaughans and The Skinners are taking the lead.

We have a refurbished space which includes an accessible entrance, a large multi-use community room, and a space set up as a community cafe. The facilities are available to hire by community groups at an affordable cost, and we hope that the building will always be used for a wide range of different activities. If you have any ideas, views, comments or concerns then please do get in touch. The multi-use room can be used for exercise classes, for a youth club, for choir rehearsals and concerts – and much more besides.The community cafe is being used for the Friday coffee morning that we have run for the past 40 years, but will also be available for hire for groups who want to meet and share refreshments. It won’t be open to the public everyday – we don’t want to compete with the existing Milnthorpe businesses.