Welcome to M:HUB!

M:HUB is a new affordable space for all sorts of community activities in Milnthorpe and this is our next event!

If you want to know more about MHUB read on:

There is an open area with a stage plus kitchen and cafeteria areas.

We open the community cafeteria ourselves, chiefly on Friday mornings.

M:HUB is the re-opened and refurbished Methodist Church building on Beetham Road near the Spar petrol station. It is still owned and run by the Methodist Church and one use will be new styles of church services for people from the wider area who need less traditional ways into the church but we are keen to host all sorts of activity, not just church things - M:HUB is truly about and for the whole community.

If you have a use for a hall or cafeteria facility please do get in touch to hire or enquire. We are looking to support activities for the local community.

We opened on Friday 4th of November 2016, some regular actvities are timetabled, with others at all stages of starting up. On Friday mornings (09:30 to 12:30) we are running a community cafe in the refurbished cafe area.

Look at our latest photos of the project:

Kitchen area - November 2016 - as we opened:

Cafeteria seating:

and the stage in the main area:

And just in case you cannot imagine where we are:


There is more detail here and more photos here