An apology to any and all users put to inconvenience (sorry, the pun is intended) by the lack of a toilet over the past week. Two visits by contractors (Enviroguard, who have been excellent) and by United Utilities have lead us to a badly done repair to the public sewer which will mean digging up the pavement to fix. This will take a little while, perhaps a week, to sort out but we will be back as soon as we can be.

Some users are cancelling their activities, some are using the Hub despite this, so check with your organisers.

Opening Day

M:HUB is now open, watch here for site updates (soon I hope) and photos of the opening and the finished building About 150 people came to see Richard Teal, the Methodist district chairman re-open the transformed building, a facility for the church and the community. Do drop in for Friday coffee (0930 – 1430) to see how the building looks after a lot of hard work mainly by two of our volunteers

Good News for Milnthorpe!

This week has seen great progress on the refurbishment of the old Methodist church – soon to open as M:HUB – a community space for the village.  The decoration of what was the old ‘schoolroom’ and will soon be a community café is almost complete with new ceiling, lighting, heating and décor.  Now work begins on the old church room, which will be a community space with small stage area.We open on Friday 4 November – come and join us for a coffee between 9.30am and 2.30pm 

Painting and the rest – last few days now

Many thanks to Simon and Sarah because without them we’d not be where we are – painting with only a few more days to do, electrics and heating going in and final fixings of a lot of other stuff.  They’ve not been alone but they’ve done the huge bulk of the work.

If you want to paint or clean up afterwards do get in touch via the website and click on Contacts

If the door is open and you are passing drop in.